Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark

-M83 Midnight City


The time pauses
Dark night behind
My closed eyelids
Dark night drunk in
By my open eyes
Waiting for a sign
Full of light
Light to guide
The time pauses
One year
Years of midnights
Years of a single
Not waiting
Waiting for a ride
In the dark
Waiting now to fall
Up ending
The time moves
I stay
Locked in thought
In my mind
Look and see
These eyes
They glow
Sit with me
Here with me
Learn now
With me
Let me lean
On thee
Living long
But to what point
To learn
Time marches on
Not back
The things I would
Do differently
Never given
An opportunity
Time goes not back
Time pauses
But does not recede
Only in my mind
My night
A day of nights
Would that I could
Should I have known
What night
Would turn to
Dark night
My night
The sky
A purple bruise
Midnight blue
And where are you
Waiting for a ride
Waiting for this time
To start
Waiting to return
While all the years
They fall apart
Another random shot
In the dark
Waiting here with me
The night so black
The sky so green
The time pauses
But not really
Just in me
And whatever I see.

-Dakin 2/22/18

Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess

O holy, silent night
Of storm and shadow
Snow and white
Yellow moon
Cold and dark
Yellow sun
Full of light
Last of a people
Longing for truth
Hating the wrongs
Nursing the wounds
Of a world that
Has left us for lies
Living alone
Living apart
Fighting for right
And justice
Bearing the burden
Of having clear sight
Sole sojourner
Through the dense
Forest before us
Constantly grabbing
The space next to me
Out of habit
And finding the
Air slip through
My fingers
Like lost grains
Of sand
Losing much more
My grip is too tight
I want to give out
I want to give in
Truly our crime
Silence is sin
And yet in the
Lost in this thought
Where I dwell
I am reminded
That I breathe
That I live
That I love
That I am
Thus sings my soul
My sweet song this eve
Resist and endure
Until night turns to day
In the face of
The chaos
I capture inside
The contradictions
That make me
The person I am
Embracing now
The beauty of
Life’s beautiful mess.
I still believe.

-Dakin 12/24/17


I like that you’re broken
broken like me
maybe that makes me a fool
I like that you’re lonely
lonely like me
i could be lonely with you
-lovelytheband “broken”

I shout out for shelter
I need you for something
The whole world is out
They’re all on the street
Control yourself, Love is all you need
Control yourself, in your eyes
Sanctify yourself
-Simple Minds “Sanctify Yourself”


Waiting the hours
Away on this watch;
Watching the years
Of this life
Long lasting.
Leaving to fast
For one other day
Dreaming of dawn.
Daunting in feature.
Letting it linger.
Wearing this ghost
Of a ring on my finger.
Triple step
Triple step
Dance it me,
Throw in a rock step,
Feeling the swing,
Forward and back
Lost in last time,
Listing and rolling
Hit from broadside.
Happiest birthday,
Sing now with me –
Broken and lonely,
But Loving,
So free.
So vibrant and caring,
So sturdy and true,
So purple,
So teal,
So lavender,

I like to do puzzles,
The pieces they please me,
Solid and simple
Places to be.
People to see;
Plenty to do,
Putting the numbers
Line by column
Writing them down,
Order to chaos,
Life’s sudoku.
Restored and redeemed,
Sanctified slowly
Reborn, restored –
Awash in a dream.
Writing the words
A new verse and song
A new life;
A new man;
A new Jean Valjean.

Without a country,
Without a home,
Wandering lonely
Never alone.
I like who I am;
I like to be me.
I like what I have
And what I can see
Whenever I do
Look through this mirror
Broken like me
Held high aloft
And see only you.
Where are you now;
Where were you then?
October, November,
In need of a friend.
Sunk deep and sinking;
Six months at sea,
Six weeks of searching
Six days, a week.
My hips feel the rhythm;
My heart starts to beat
In time with the cadence,
Lost in the floor,
Moving my feet
From here to there,
From side to side,
Simple as stepping
A means to an end.
These aren’t my people
No, they are me,
My people, my friends
Lost once again.
Thinking and thinking
Lost in my head.

Happiest birthday,
First day for me,
First and the last
Living to be.
What do you see?
What did you see?
Wondering wonder,
Thinking aloud,
How fast it passes,
How fast, how now?
Thinking of you
Thinking of me,
Thinking and thinking
Feeling the need
To get up and move,
To sit up and watch,
To stand up and stretch,
To move and to move,
Wondering when to start anew.
Where to go now?
There’s no place like home
Wandering restless,
Sleepwalking daydream,
Stumble and shamble,
Pathways to roam.
Something so wholesome,
Pure and so true,
Something compelling
Draws me to you.

Waiting the hours
Away on this watch;
Watching the years
Of this life
Long lasting.
Leaving to fast
For one other day
Dreaming of evening
Undaunted forever.
And inward
Letting it linger,
Watching the ghost,
A ring
Round my finger.
Triple step
Triple step
Shuffle along.
A new life,
A new man,
A new Jean Valjean.

-Dakin 11/1/17

Sold Out

I want to go back
And do it all over
But I can’t go back, I know
I want to go back
‘Cause I’m feeling so much older
But I can’t go back, I know

-Eddie Money “Can’t Go Back”

Now we’re stuck in the storm
We were born to ignore
And all I got is a chance to just sit
(I’m in love and you’ve got me, run away)

-Bleachers “Don’t Take The Money”

Sold Out

Air not there
Lungs emptied
Joyful sadness
So sings my soul
Still in the storm
And so I feel it
You make me feel it
(Do you feel it?)
Now I understand
I think that I understand
I think
And think (and think)
Yes, and think some more
(Did that make you smile?)
Lost of certitude
Last in certainty
Too reserved, me


Bending back behind
Arcing like a monument
Rainbow of color
Purple and teal
Why can’t I feel?
Castaway on an
Island of my own
Mine for the taking
But I gave
Because I give
And give (and give)
Until I cannot
Recall who
Or what I am
For, me

No inventory
Sold out
With the
No color of my own
The black and white
Of conformity
Calling down to me
(Just don’t take the money)
In a crayola sea
Chaos of color
Coloring my thoughts
Creating chaos
Erasing those dreams
Sold out
No inventory, me


Have I something
Now to say
In these words
My own
Borrowed from others
Turned around
And around
As I turn around
And around (and around)
Round and round
Is anything I write
Ever enough
I feel you
No rhymes
Or reasons
To salvage
These seasons
Sun in the storm
You steal the air
Out of my lungs
You make me feel
Need to breathe, me

From the tears,
And the pain,
And the fears,
And the rain,
Put your hand in my hand

I’ll stop the world and melt…

-Dakin 10/17/17

When last I sit at evening’s turn to night

When last I sit at evening’s turn to night
And turn my mind to what each day has brought
To us as one in heart and soul and thought,
The ne’er escapable barrage of light
And sound and moving pictures unending;
Assault on sense already overwrought,
Provided so untimely and unsought
To feed the glutt’ny of those offending
Our dignity and our community,
To treat us to another round of numb.
And so the day, though gone, is never done;
A world that rests not with impunity.

And lastly do I dream so lastingly
That soon the last will end to set us free.

Dakin 8/19/17


I can’t believe the news today
I can’t close my eyes and make it go away
How long, How long must we sing this song
How long, how long

U2 “Sunday Bloody Sunday”


There is a word






So heretical,
Simply Nonsensical.



How is there any question?



So very wrong.
So very, very wrong.
Unimpeachably wrong.


And fact is fiction,
And TV reality,
And so are we

How long?
How long must we
This same song.

How long?


-Dakin 8/15/17


I sit two stories above the street
It’s awful quiet here since love fell asleep
There’s life down below me though
The kids are walking home from school
-Indigo Girls “Least Complicated”


Lost, again,
In my own head
Staring down
The air hanging
Still and silent
Just in front of my eyes.
Just out of my reach.
Remembering the times
When I came
So close to

The sharing of a single thought,
Moments of unspoken agreement
Like the gracious grammar
Of a consistent paragraph;
You and I, matching tenses.


Live and Love.

In symmetry,
And I hardly know you.
The real thing.
Even better than
The real thing.
Considering the sweet promise,
Hey, let me in.

Wondering about the subjects
Who, what, when, where,
And why.
Mostly why.
The last of the runaways
Living in series of visions,
Leaves in a late autumn wind,
Wanting to dodge the draft.

So old, yet
Something so new
Like something borrowed
Or something blue,
But only
Something new
So very, very true.

Leaving a trail of
To be eaten by the
Cawing crows
Striking down on the
Woodland path behind us
As we pass by with
Hastened steps.
Steps never to be


Lived and loved.


Why can’t I breathe…

-Dakin 7/2/17


You and the moon are a beautiful sight to me
The stars in your eyes make it really hard to see you
-Sixpence None the Richer “Easy to Ignore”

And you shine
Like the sun
In all its strength
-The Violet Burning “Like the Sun”


When I was young
My dreams merged with my waking
Worshiping at the altars
Paraded before me
On any given Sunday
But then came Monday
With age and reason
Raising me to a better appreciation
Displacing the day
With the moonlit sky
Showering me with uncountable
Sources of light
Showers of suns shining
In their heavenly heights
Beyond comprehension
And me
And you
Where to be
Were to be
Whither to be
When all I simply wanted
Was to see
Between the light of the stars
Crowding my vision
Keeping from me
In a cloud of dust particles
Speeding across the sky
Reflecting rays
Refracting my attention
Breaking, taking you far away
(Was I that easy to ignore)
Taking store
I stood and carried on
Carried away
Where ever the wind swept me
Until I circled back
Through no known cycle
Lather, rise, repeat
Pray give me one time
One view
One opportunity
Simply to see
Shining bright
Like the sun
Bringing back to me
My youthful dreams
Of Joy
And Love,

And Life.

-Dakin 3/6/17

Shedding Skin

I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in your sanctity your prophecy
I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in sanctity or hypocrisy
Can everyone agree that no one should be left alone
Can everyone agree that they should not be left alone

-Filter “Take a Picture”

I get the feeling that I’m
Stranded in the wrong time
Where love is just a lyric in a children’s rhyme, sometimes

-Keane “Is It Any Wonder”

Shedding Skin

Sometimes I think it is as simple as a snake
Shedding its thin skin on the obliging rocks
Strewn along the path of our daily travels,
This growing into a knowledge more robust
Than the new cells that make up another
Outfit du jour. Do you even read that book
You carry under your arm, the one you plant
On, or is it in, your bedside table? The one
That you leave on prominent display in the
Living-sitting room, gilt pages dulled by dust?
Making your display in your open window
Kneeling on your gross piety
While the suffering of thousands surrounds
The streets and alleyways you have so
Happily transcended to wish upon
Your own chosen star. Yes, indeed, you
Have your reward, so it is written.
And so it is done.

Thankful that you are not the collector of taxes?
What is so very difficult to understand?
Your neighbor, yourself. So simple to grasp.
So impossible to practice?
Serpent speaking with your forked tongue,
Those days no longer past, but front and
Center providing an uncivilized civics play
By play, lost in the white noise of an
Unending social frenzy with no opportunity to
Pause and reflect on the very real damage done.
The shame of wearing your coat of so
Many bright hues, distracting the flock
While the pride readies to pounce.
Damn right I am angry, waiting
For the cleansing river of justice and the
Swollen stream of righteousness
While my empty eyes stare in
Disbelief at the words wailing on
The wind subverting truth,
Confounding fact and fiction.
Real or not real? Indeed!
For those three sins, and even for four.
How then shall I now relent?

Selling innocents for silver and the needy
For sandals, fairness for frivolity and decency
For a quick jibe, 140 characters or less.
Betrayed by the institutions created
To serve and protect, serving instead the
Strokes of of a stolen ego strutting upon
A self serving platform that chance and
Happenstance could not better have granted.
Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Raised up out of Gotham, given a chance to
Make good, instead commanding the
Indulgence of wine, the silence of truth.
Eat, drink and be merry.

Send to us now prophets neither afraid
Nor ashamed to roam the streets in
Sackcloth and ashes shouting down
The absurdity of alternative.
Rallying with a carousing cry to
Celebrate the most incredibly narrow
Definition of life while cheering its destruction
By stripping the care from so many others
So new to yesterday’s party of only the privileged,
Health without the need of wealth.
Walk on, walk away, walk to distraction
While the real story is that the cabinet of
Foxes stand ready to guard the henhouse
From the very fowl that installed the
False-faced farmer in his ivory White House.

The foxes who hate justice and detest the truth;
Who levy a straw tax on the poor
Only to impose a tax on their grain.
Those who oppress the innocent
While lining their own pockets to deprive
The masses their day in court.
I say to you now that though you have built
Your stone mansions and planted your vineyards,
Beware, for my book says that you will be homeless
And will never partake of your wine.
While the the prudent keep quiet in such times,
For those times are evil, I cannot remain silent;
My heart, mind and soul compel me to speak,
Seek good, not evil, that you may live,
For before me I see a basket of ripe summer fruit.
For you who has ears, I beg you to hear.

-Dakin 1/27/17

Birth of a New Day

Birth of a New Day

It’s the natural evolution of the long-lived
To develop a resilience so second nature
We take its invisible guidance for granted
While we fret, and often rightfully so,
About when the next wave will rise
To crash against the dunes we hide behind
Hoping against all
That the sand will save us once again
From the brutal erosion of hours,
Days, weeks, months and years
Of heartbreak; sorrow sown deep
In our too-oft confused souls.

There is comfort to be found
Holding fast to the hand beside
Taking us through the night
As we worry about our vastly
Inadequate sole shelter.
The strength of unconditional,
Knowing as one can only know
Their own thoughts that
There is no letting down
The heart and mind of those
We have chosen to let in
Those who have chosen
To be stronger than family,
Friend, and for all time,
Waiting, watching, through
The slip of night that
Spills away so suddenly
With the birth of a new day.

A new year has come.
The road may be unclear
The map torn and ragged,
Ripped from the blot of tears
Fallen from frustrations past
Too punishing now to parse
For any possibly constructive
Life lesson.
But the hand I ever held out
Still hovers here
To hold you as you spin
Through your chaotic
Dance, never quite drowning
Despite the danger
But always surviving
Until the water recedes.
And by a quick release
You realize you can do this
This Thing
You can stand
On your own
As only you can
As only you
As You

We may no longer be so young
Tomorrow has come.
But that only means that
The night has passed,
That the dawn has broken.
And so what if that means
We start all over,
Just do it all again?
That fact merely reflects the symmetry
Of the bright sphere
So far away, but so strangely near,
Blasting us with its rays
To remind us that
There is warmth that can be found
Should we just make it through
The darkest of the dark
We are not alone.
We are never alone.

When the daylight’s gone and you’re on your own…

-Dakin 12/31/16

Love and Anger

I know that this is vitriol
No solution, spleen-venting
But I feel better having screamed
Don’t you?
-R.E.M. “Ignoreland”

Lift me through my 
Love and anger
Oh my arms are burning
But They’re open wide
-Indigo Girls “Keeper of My Heart”

Love and Anger

What now do we say
 What can I say
What now do we do
 What can we do
What’s done is
That’s certainly true
For better, for worse
For richer
 For poorer
In sickness and
 (for the fortunate)
In health.

Love lost
 Long and last
   Long lost
Love at last
 Leaving soon
   Leaving now
Love lost
Leaving me numb
Leaving us
 Afraid and undone
Love one another
 Even, even as
Even as I have

This autumn season
 So long held on
 To an unusual
Or, not so now,
(unusual, that is)
The turn
 When it came
Snapped sharply, cutting
 Across the land
Bringing with it
 An unforeseen
 But why unexpected,
For that is what a proper
 Brings, winter’s prophet
Perhaps it was the loss
 The seeming sudden loss
 Of warmth
Warmth to which we
 Grew accustomed
 Took for granted
Too much for granted
Sunlight slipping sooner
On that cool November
 So says the north.

Love lost leaving me
Love, love your neighbor
 Even, even as
You love yourself
Or do I ask
 Too much?
Do you need me to 
Define neighbor
Love lost long leaving love
Laughing loud at the loser
Here now, here
 Have another thorn
 To stick in that smug crown
You wear
Make no mistake, 
We are all
 So naïve, me

The coming winter
Warning of white
 Snow covered lands
 Empty for a season’s
 The unanswered question
 Before the first storm starts
How long will the ice age
 Four, eight, twelve
No, these tears lie
 This heartbreak exaggerates
There is no ice age
 And there are a million,
(maybe even two)
 To hope for a new tomorrow’s
 The weather will break
 Snow and ice
 Melt and strengthen the currents
Support the rising tides
And I find I cannot sit
 Wistfully dangling naked toes
 In the tumultuous rapids 
Instead I must rise
 And prepare for the long
 Winter’s nights and

Love lost a limitless legacy
 For a time too short
 Too be counted among the
200,000 years of our
 But the legacy
 To me
   To us
To time,
To foster faith,
To harness hope,
To live in
 Love, the greatest of these,
And into those hands
 Do I commit my

So then shall it be;
 So then shall we live.

-Dakin 11/15/16



Try as I may
Try as I might
It doesn’t make any
This life

I try to touch
To reach out
To someone
Some way
Some where
But my limbs are
Living in mind
A world of
My own making
Regretting the time
I have spent
The paths that
Have led me
To summits on high
And depths
Far below
Lost in mind
I try to see
With clarity
To distinguish shapes
To envision
The past as it proves
Future landscapes
Lying before me
Lying to me
Over rainbows
Never finding the paths
That lead me
To home
And hearth
Lost again
Worth with all
I have
All I am
All I’ve been
I try to hear
And to understand
But lost in the
And deaf to
All sound
Speaking in words
That no other
Can translate
Blind and
Deaf to the
Surrounded by love
Empty air
Filling my space
Tasting the smell
Watching a world
Embraced by hate
Confused by a clarity
That only bestows on
Those who
Truly believe
In that one two three
Of concern
Can you now
Fell times
Falling on hardened paths
Falling on rocky places
Falling among thorns
Fell to me
My open spaces
Filled with fertile soil
Yet unable
To speak
To get past the play
That ever follows
Unable to
In any way to
Beyond the four walls
My mind
Try as I may
Or even as I might
I cannot make
Any sense

For you who has ears
May you please
Find that you are able
To hear

-Dakin 8/7/16



She looks at me and asks
When will it stop
Will it ever stop
When will it end
I look away and say
I don’t know

I do not know

I wish I knew

But how can I know
When they with their papers
So proudly displayed
On their walls have,
No answers

No answers


no answers

Insidious how the thoughts
Take away the mind
Pull apart identity
Send the self to spend
A time in exile

We watch and wait
And wait and watch
And serve
and serve
In times severe
and Serve the Severe
That’s why we are we
And why we are here

Searching for
Answers that do not come
I have no answers for you
But really how could I know
How could I possibly know
And so I say
I just don’t know
Even though that
Makes me wonder
Whether I have betrayed
Something sacred

Whether I have betrayed You

No answers

I watch you smile
I watch you frown
I watch you wait for another round
Of pills
Of pain
And pain and pills
And sleep
That comes to claim you
In my waking hours
Wiling away the time
While I await more time
With you

And sleep

Time to worry for you
About you
To you
And you
Fretting over me
Are you fretting
Over me
Are you
As we were yesterday?
(Where we were
When we were

No Answers

I am here
Here for today
As yesterday
And tomorrow
Living in the present
Past the future of
Another day
Any other day
The same
My heart breaking to watch
Your heart mind body breaking
Breaking apart

Your wings breaking
Leaving you in this
Inadequate cage
This too damn small cage
No way to fly
No way to flee
Your wings
Like my words


No answers

Experiencing with you
Each experiment
For which you never volunteered
Never given the choice
To choose
Choices made by some other


Curse the fates

What then shall we do
Trouble deaf heaven
With our bootless cries
Futile gestures
Of foregone eras
Perpetual frustration

no answers

I look at her and say
I miss you
She looks at me and says
I miss me too
I look down at the floor

There’s nothing else to say
We both know it’s true

It is true

So very true

… please take mine
     so yours can open
          too …

-Dakin 4/6/16



The message,
Perfectly simple;
The meaning, so clear
So very clear.

Lest there be any question
About my motive
I gave so much away
For the right to claim
Yet do I follow
The heart of romance
Despising every step
I take, in juxtaposiition
With my
Relishing of the journey,
Delighting in every colourful

I gave you my treasure.

Here are my thoughts,
Pure energy –
Scattered as the falling leaves
In a late Autumn breeze.
Catch them.
Catch them now.
Catch them if you can.
(Here I am in silence)

Here are my hopes,
Heaven has no higher.
Wanting to teach the world
To sing
(In perfect harmony);
To dance
(And you need her
And she needs you);
To live,
To love
(To rise above).

Here are my dreams.
(Symmetry breaking),
Vivid the images on
The screen so often
Before me,
Watching the world pass by
Watching, I keep waiting
(Still anticipating)
For a moment to shine
Watching in wonder
Watching in slow motion
(As you turn to me and say
My love).

Here are my fears,
Legless and blind
As the creatures that slither
Below the below
Deep in the earth
Where no thing should
Ever be…
What do you mean
How did I
How, now,

But all the times I bit my tongue
Until it hung loose unused
Held my breath
Suppressing the reflex,
Subjugating its operation
Drowning in all the words
Never to be said;
Counted the seconds
Between lightning and thunder
Until the storm passed
And let it pass,
And so it passed.

I wish I knew what you were
Looking for
To know what I could help you find

Here are my arms,
Spread in over anticipation
To receive any
Morsel tossed my way
Sure to catch something.
Here my fingers,
Worn to the nubs like
This pencil point
In need of sharpening.
My knees
Rubbed raw and bruised
Aching, locked from
My years on this prie-dieu
Before you
Silent supplicant
To your listing empathy.
My heart
Ever beating
Blood in my ears

Are you hungry?
Here, some bread.
Mine, broken for you.
Are you thirsty?
Here, this cup.
Mine, shed for you.

Of course the world is ending
The sky falling
How can you not see it
How can you not understand


The meaning so clear,
So crystal clear.
No, don’t disappear.

We were so in phase….

-Dakin 3/11/16



Dusk fills the Autumn sky
As I travel West
Below the clouds of
Salmon, a color I
Recognize from thirty
Years of memories
Gone by
Holding my box of
Sixty-four crayons,
Thin cylinders in my
Fingers, peeling back
Paper wrappings, sniffing
Wax for no good reason,
Colors devoid of the
Multiplicity of odors
One might expect from
The visual stimuli.
Crafting a picture of
Art never was my thing.
Orange fire blossoms
Light the deciduous tree-tips,
Upstate New York,
A world of green summer
Gone gold.
Bright magenta maple
Ready to fall to ground.
Dozens of scattered thoughts
Filling miles of asphalt highway,
My mind on auto-pilot,
This road I have driven
Hundred of times
Over the last several years;
The things we do for love
(Like walking in the rain).
Grey cloud banks billowing
Overhead breathing whispers
Of Winter and the White
That is soon to follow;
Mind attaching to that thread
Raising new questions to ponder
For no other reason than
Simply to fill the time of travel.
Will this year’s white be that
Of the fleeting kiss given as
A token of safe return when
I briefly leave to grab those few
Groceries we mistakenly left off
Our list from yesterday’s chores,
Or, instead, will it be a
Brash repeat of the last two years
Burying ground in quiet hibernation;
A lingering, longing embrace
Afraid to let go for fear of the
Longer separation and the
Whatever-will-be that invades
Our thoughts on such partings.
Losing track of the passing time,
Long hours driving have that effect,
My thoughts drift to the coming
Weeks in which I will celebrate,
Or at least acknowledge,
Another milestone of my birth.
Those days that so used to excite
Me back when my days were filled
With crayons and coloring books,
Long before such days became
Another reminder of a body slowly
Beginning its aged decline, preparing
For some future final rest, though,
Love willing, no time soon.
A testament to both years and
Miles accumulated.
Time enough to consider goals
Achieved, and desires suppressed,
Hopefully for a greater good;
Expectations unrealized, pleasant
Surprises happily experienced.
Trying not to dwell my not-so newly
Obtained indifference
To the custom of gift-giving,
Having no need of anything I
Do not obtain of my own
Volition notwithstanding the absence
Of any special designation
For any given day.
A feeling oddly at contrast
With the yellow-reddening brilliance
Of the sun shining in my eyes
As it sets on the horizon ahead.
Yet, the one wish, that I wish
I may wish I might,
A wish I wish to have this night,
That I could, on my birthday or
Any day, give to you the health
And happiness of sound body
And of mind
Free from the tremors,
Free from the pains,
Free from the chaos
And the demons of an
Undiagnosed illness, twelve
Months in the trying.
What I would not give,
We’re it only in my power,
To return to you
Your world of

– Dakin 12/25/15



My roots stretch their skin
Sinking deeper, ever farther
Reaching for a drink that is
Not there. Skin flaking in
The hardened ground as
Sharp as the rock edges
Chipping away at me like
The blade of a whittling knife,
Cold touch of foreboding.
Brittle, I break, canopy, branch
And trunk. Sharper than
Saw tooth or hatchet head,
The words spoken, the words
Withheld. The cuts that never
Heal, bark shattered, bones
Beneath exposed to the
Arid breath of afternoon sun.
I stand still, trying to process,
Still trying to understand the
Blazing change approaching
In brilliant tongues of flame.
I stand still, roots stretching
My skin, sinking deeper and
Even further than I can stand
Seeking a sip of buried water,
Finding only sand.
My skin, like my eyes,

Dakin 12/19/15



What day is today?
It’s Monday.
What day is today?
What day is today?
It’s um Monday. Are you okay?
What day is today?

Yes, what day is today?
You cannot remember and
I am not sure that I can recall.
What day is today?
I never knew such an
Innocuous question could
Be so terrifying,
Until you asked it of me
Twenty-five times a day
For five straight days.
Now I sit and can’t help
But think
What day is today?

I had my third cup of coffee
Just before running out
To pick up the pizza and wings
Because I thought I almost fell asleep
In the stop and go traffic
At the Ess bend by Mississauga Road,
Just another commute in 30 degree
(Or was it 90? Where am I again?)
Heat and humidity
On the accident plagued QE.
Left lane blocked again.

Still waiting for the morning fog
To dissipate. Still waiting for the morning
Fog… I just said that. Sorry.

I watch the descent and stand
Ready to receive you when you need.
The toll collected is subtle, slipping
Across the hours of wakefulness
Like the mist that crawled across
Both lakes I passed on my Monday
Morning drive. I used to have a single
Cup. On waking. Two. Now three a day.
And at all hours.
What day is today?
The sun is setting earlier today.
How did the daylight lose an hour in
A single day? What day
Is today?

I already read this page. What did it say?
Did you mark the chart when you took
Your medicine? Did you take your
Medicine? Wait, I just read this page;
What does it say again?
The distance is difficult,
The lack of distance even more so.
Is this how you feel? How you’ve
Been feeling all these months
When I only heard the physical complaints.
The chemistry of it all, fog from
Imbalance, fog from the multiplicity
Of attentions that need my things,
Or wait, I mean…

Does caffeine really work for people?
Last night after dance I drank my third cup.
I fell asleep within the hour.
Alarm ringing, red numbers tell me
The new day is starting.
What day is today?

Side benefit. My organization has improved
Twenty fold (okay so I made the twenty up.
Hyperbole serves well when quantification is
Conceptually impossible). I write things down.
First, I wrote for you because you needed me to
So that you could navigate your day,
A legible lighthouse to steer your course
In the sea of staggered sanity.
Now I write for me for the same reason.
What day is today?
Oh, let me look at the medication chart
I created. But wait, did your up take you meds
Today? Did you check the boxes today?

I don’t know; what day is today?

Today? Today?
It’s the day after yesterday.

Is there an end to the fog?

I used to get headaches, but now I think
I am just too tired to know they are there.
Where am I today
And do I have to go back
Or the next day?

I suppose it all depends on one thing:
What day is today.

-Dakin 9/2/15



In September you started to spin.
We knew not why.
It came and went,
As these things often do.
And, though I shared your concern,
I believed it but a temporary diversion.
We progressed through the autumn,
Yet I noticed the concern building
As this unwanted whirlwind never
Ceased its buffeting.
A few fruitless visits to
One who pledged to pursue
Such matters turned into a
Theatre of the absurd.
“Why are you here?”
“Why are you here?”
“Why are you here?”
Did not he have the courtesy,
Nay the decency,
To peruse the folder
He scribbled in but seven
Short days prior for even the
Briefest of moments before he
All too distractedly fluttered into
The sterile examining room
In a rush to get out again and…
And what, exactly?
Is this not his own chosen calling?
Hippocratic hypocrite.

In time, other new-found, uninvited,
Undesired, friends came calling.
Aches on right side; jaw and shoulder.
Heart racing and heart flutters.
Lying on the right, the incessant pounding;
On the left, the pain and throbbing.
So, too, the time of respite
Robbed from your gentle soul
Draining away your wealth of will
To persevere, yet you drove on.
Listen, I did, but without comprehension
Because how do you communicate
The incommunicable
Particularly when the physick
So readily dismissed your concern
Shutting down, rather than nurturing,
That same part of you that strove to seek
Answers never forthcoming.

We stood in the grocery store,
Not one of our familiar haunts.
The deep chill of a second February
Fulfilling the promise of the just
Ended January to protest the
Conventional wisdom of the ten-year
Average, reminding the region
What it was to winter thirty long years past.
Pale you stood, pushing the cart by
Choice to provide you with that handhold
In a frustrated attempt to remain
Steady until we could quickly
Slip back to the safety of the
Apartment that was so quickly
Becoming your cell.
I grabbed the last of the produce,
Found the correct meat package,
And hurried you homeward,
Only to, moments later, retrace
That same path where we sat
A few short blocks away
Waiting for a new beacon of hope
Perhaps brought to flame by
An emergency visit with
One unfamiliar with the plot heretofore.

I do not precisely recall when the first
Earthquakes occurred.
Tremors of unfathomable reach
Presenting a neurological puzzle
Compounding the problems
Of so many past days.
As the cyclones would so
Randomly sweep the plains,
The tremors stayed constant,
Static witness to a now
Rapid deterioration.
It is of no wonder that you
Felt besieged; haunted by a
Terror in some measure
Manifesting as an ever-lasting
Foreboding, by another
Measure bringing forth a full-on
Panic, the panoply of apps,
Videos, blogs and bios about
Calming and breathing,
Minimizing life’s constant noise,
I did try, even when it was not
Always apparent.
Never hopeless, but all too
Very often helpless.

Last weekend, I unexpectedly
Shared in the terror.
The signs literally hanging
On the walls, witness to
A Sophoclistic drama that
I was unwilling to
Allow to impose its ending
Tragedy on our world, furiously
Employing my feeble talents
To pen an alternative conclusion
By line, verse, scene and act.
In this desperate attempt to
Challenge the fates, steer
Clear of the sirens, I was not alone.
The hope of those who truly
Encompass their profession
Working with, rather than against,
The raging storm, providing you
With a first umbrella, willing
To weather the downpour
As they fit size by precious size
Each new sheltering implement
Until we, all together, find the
Combination that can serve
To bring you back to balance.

Yesterday I stood slicing onions
And garlic in the kitchen,
Preparing the simple burger patty
Recipe we found together so many,
Many months ago (when Metro
Stopped carrying our frozen stand-by,
Unceremoniously substituting their
Own, very resistable, store brand);
Listening to the bevy of uncomplicated
Pop songs on my ipod, an entertainment
Of no lasting import other that
The comfort of familiarity.
In the moments of rote preparation
The memories cascading of years ago,
Of months ago, of the last week that I
Would swear lasted months, if not years.
In all this, the chaos of conviction
That there is hope and health
Somewhere to be had and soon
Shall it come to you in its own
Time and through its own method.
The future not like our now distant past,
Perhaps, but an awakening of adjustment
To the new normal imposed on us.
There is a morning to dispel
The perpetual nightmare,
Shadow of the prophetic words
I wrote on another September day
Not quite five years gone:
“Walk a mile in my shoes? No,
Rather walk a million miles
More with me by my side,
A co-op journey through
This life;” promises kept
In the simple state of being together
Come what may.

And, as true as the three word
Benediction now ringing in my mind,
To be continued….

-Dakin 7/26/15

Here and There

The dark fog hovers above
Stealing away the precious
Peace that to you once belonged;
Taking from me my joy
In the celebration of all that
Is you. Still you are you;
The only you I can see when
I see the tomorrow of my
Daily dreams. There is no shame
In the restlessness of a mind
Too tired to discern the real of
The physical from the real of the
Cerebral. All too long have
We as a people in ignorance
Labelled one pain real, while
Belittling the other as imagined.
A land of make believe? Indeed,
What the mind produces is more
Real than your reality, more
Powerful than your pain, cutting
More deeply than the knife that
Makes the wound you so readily
Acknowledge. I bear witness to
This truth brought to me daily
In sharing the glut of tears you
Never should have to bear.
No one should ever have to bear.
The mind. Never mind what they
Would tell you of research and
Science and medicine; we do still
Live in a dark age where many such
Things are concerned.
Depressed? Anxious? Panicked?
Obsessed? There, there…Have a leech.
And thus cure the humours.
Condescending bastard of a broken
Mindset married too much to your
Faith in all that is
Yes, the pills may assist.
Work, even? Perhaps.
But the biology and the
Chemistry that connects the
Set of dots is but as a child’s
Musings of an outline for a
Much, much deeper picture
More real than can be imagined
Belying the mysteries of the mind
That medicine has yet to grasp.

What the mind manifests is yet beyond
Our ken, curiously cultivated away from
Our understanding. A world unto its
Own, separate and apart from our
Awareness and our perceived experience.
Despite what you may have been told
There is good reason, indeed, to
Pay attention to that which is behind the
Curtain. Oh that home truly should cure
All ills. But it cannot. And I cannot.
But I can be here. And there will I be.
I shall stand together with you
Even when there is no together in
The standing. Even when there is
No you in the yearning.
My tears flow too when yours shower
The ground, splashing underfoot
As you spin uncontrollably under the
Cloud that haunts your heart, the heart
I share even when you think you
Are not letting me. Though I realize
This is not, never was, about me,
By virtue of a vow spoken of my lips,
Written by my hand, said before
A room of witnesses, it is me,
As it is you. As it is all who love you.

The cloud follows, stalks, terrorizes.
You are suffering.
I am here. There will I be.




Shades of mist hanging over the highway;
The routine commute of a too early morning
Changed but slightly on this summer day
Certain to burst with humidity and heat,
Surety of showers to share my later return.
A mask of suspended dew providing
Simple entertainment in this small change
Of scenery so often sampled during the partial
Dreamworld between one city and another,
Between one sip of coffee and another.
Hands on the wheel working on instinct
Of thirty years like use, and thousands
Upon thousands of miles and, lately, kilometers.
But for now this damp veil above the wetlands
Breathes across the reeds, its tears but
Touching the shoulder pavement,
Keeping my mind alert to the difference in
Appearance, grateful to be aroused
From the semi-hypnosis that too often visits
This trip of habit, a mind on autopilot.
On this day the sun has already risen
In the east, over the great lake beside me;
A welcome companion that visits me in this
Hour less than six months of the year.
There, past the settling wake of some
Small disturbance, I see on the far shore
The tower shining off in the distant aura,
The symbol of a my newest home
Though still shared for now with the spirit
Of the old, held fast straddling the borderlands.
This drive, this life, like one to the other,
Not sleepwalking, but proceeding all too
Commonly in that rote state of being that
Stays overlong beyond its nightly welcome as
We struggle to begin the pursuits of each day.
Needing the veil to visit; obscuring, in part,
The monotony to redirect my attention to
Another point of view; the familiar painted
With an unfamiliar coat to bring to the
Fore the truth and the almost forgotten real.
I do sometime forget how remarkable my real
Has become, obscured in the drudgery of
The day to day, but each day holds the
Promise of a reawakening to my fortune
If I allow my eyes to see beyond the static
Backdrop of my less imaginative senses.
The journey from birth to life has been a
Tangled weave, the strands wrapped
Haphazard on the loom, but the story
Borne by the warp and weft now working
Under my calloused fingers reveals a newly
Maturing quilt the fashioning of such I
Would never have predicted.

There is peace, in the drive, in the weaving, and
In the life I have found. Outward appearances
Of chaos notwithstanding, I have somehow
Made something real of all these disparate
Pieces that I unwittingly discovered during the
Decades of development.
They are me.
And this reality is mine.
Thank you for sharing it with me.

-Dakin 6/6/15


There’s lots of those friendly people
They’re showing me ways to go
But I never want to lose their inspiration
-Little River Band “Cool Change”

Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free
-Christopher Cross “Sailing”


So much inertia that stills our struggling
Forms. Fighting for the freedom to make
The change necessary to preserve the
Sanity that comes with belonging.
Being who we long to be within our
Chaotic nebulae of surviving, yet
Wanting to Live. “Carpe diem” shout
The prophets of compulsion, but that
Scene can be written in the small
Steps of a supporting role as much as
That of striking the stage in the starring role.
I have made my changes, many for better
Some less so, and neither the sole providence
Of my own motion. Life simply does not work
Like that. There is no individual that does not
Have some supporting cast somewhere
Filling out the act, the scene, the single
Line. My proudest moments are those
Where I held the hands of others encouraging
That next step when the cement glued to their
Soles would dictate otherwise; when my
Stuttering speech becomes to them some
Word of wisdom for which they have been
Longing to hear. I claim no special sense
Of discernment, but only the willingness to
Listen when I am not so preoccupied with
My own restlessness in the prearranged
Mundanity of another Monday. Is it really so
Rare to render a ration of empathy?
The extreme introvert in me so often
Misses that time I could spend alone
Sailing away to seek no shore, yet the
Creature of compassion that threads the
Thoughts in the loom of my mind demands
That I direct my daily devotions maximizing
The ministrations of a kind comment. The
Absence of civility and decency in the moment
To moment interactions of the overwhelming
Populous stupefies me, affronts my senses.
Does no one struggle with the astonishing
Remorse that quickly follows behind that
Moment of introspection? Or, perhaps, is there
Never such a moment? Is it really so difficult
To do unto others? I do so appreciate the
Different hands that have held mine through
The many years, and when I have in any way
Failed to be there when a return gesture was
Needed it has been the agony of my soul.
If indeed I could change me, it would be
To exhibit more of those caring qualities that
Have at times made me proud of being me.
If given the chance, I would seek to change
The burden of cynicism that has been bred from
The disappointments that inevitably visit anyone.
Somewhere, perhaps, I will find that shore, or
Should I be even luckier, whisper the wind
That drive the sails of another to land there.

-Dakin 4/13/15


My lips are moving and the sound’s coming out
The words are audible but I have my doubts
That you realize what has been said
You look at me as if you’re in a daze
It’s like the feeling at the end of the page
When you realize you don’t know what you just read
-Missing Persons “Words”

Here in my car
I know I’ve started to think
About leaving tonight
Although nothing seems right
In cars
-Gary Numan “Cars”

Communication disinformation
So entertaining
Blood money, blood money
There’s a war out here
There’s a bomb on the floor
Gonna blow this place apart
Gonna take this show away
-INXS “Communication”


Do you hear
What I hear?
Not words.
For no one’s benefit,
For no one’s edification,
For nothing as simple as
Lost in the noise;
Knowing all,
Willfully deaf to
Opposing views.
Light beams from
Wherever you are.
Seemingly insurmountable
Survive longer than
The navigation
To our bold, new world.
Just call on me, brother,
When you need a hand.
Shall we overcome?
Stolen phrases from
Yesterdays yet
To be realized
Haunting the steps
Treading on me.
Act, scene,
Nay, pandering,
Each to their own.
Game, set, match.
Throwing it all away,
The fix in,
Shoeless all,
We weep at
Our chosen fate.
Lost in the
Meaningless morass.
Roll the bones.
Eye for an eye?
Life for a life?
Let him who is without sin,
First cast that stone in.
No shadow of turning
From our true selves
Even when the evidence
Erodes the edifice
Of our own imaginings.
It’s a small,
Our cares
In the cadre
Of community,
Crying out
For a kiss
Of compassion
And understanding;
Breathing new life
Into lungs
Gasping to replenish
Escaping air.
Come walk a mile?
I can’t do nuttin’
For ya, man.
To hear,
To care;
Take up your cross
Follow in the
Footsteps of those that
Traverse the truth
Of dreadful living.
Harder to pass through
The eye of a needle.
Let him who has ears, hear…

Dividing, piecemeal,
Who has earned it?
Who “deserves it?”
As abhorrent this thought,
It has become gospel
Meted out in
Daily musings,
Passages posted
In endless parade;
A frivolity of fora
Falsely nourishing
Our rote inquiries
Constantly confirming
Our strongest biases
On a scale
Nano and global,
The contradiction
Mirroring modern
Words on a page,
Lost in translation
As the information
Flows freely between
Lens and brain.
What, indeed, shall it take
To move this mountain?
Nevermind all that;
The chaos beyond
The glass pane.
Starting to think that
Nothing seems right
Around me;
Help me understand.
(So why should it be?)
Sleep now in
Heavenly peace.

Begging to start
The fruitless
The outcome
Decided long ago.
Jeux Sans Frontieres!
Not expecting to grow
Flowers in a desert,
But wanting to see a
Sun rise in winter,
Is that too much to ask?
Come on down
And meet your maker;
I swear he had no name.
The lights are failing
Even as the evening falls,
The night is fast
And yet, there is no
Reason now to fear;
The dark is all but empty.
We need to find within
Our dying hearts
The strength to
Collectively for the one,
Each one for the whole.
A cry, a call,
To rally us again,
The push to move us
We cannot stand,
We cannot sit,
We must keep pushing
This night,
This season
Of renewal and of hope
Shared across the
Artificial boundaries
We too easily maintain,
Should bring us all together.
We need a mantra
A unifying psalm.

Be excellent to each other.

-Dakin 12/24/14

Dream Day

So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time
-Eagles “Take It To The Limit”

This is the book I never read
These are the words I never said
This is the path I’ll never tread
These are the dreams I’ll dream instead
-Annie Lennox “Why”

Dream Day

Meditating on
The daze of a past
Few days full
Of that suffering
That only comes when
Eyes cannot quite
Focus and the smells
Seem slightly stale
And the light silences my
Every thought like
A percussion
Drill pounding
Out its terribly steady
Cadence making it
Near impossible
To connect with Reality.
Awake by sheer force
Of will alone,
Conscious only
Because the alternative
Is, itself, too terrifying.
You know that I
Always have been
A dreamer,
For faith have I
And hope and love
And the greatest
Of these
Is where indeed
My refuge lies,
But what I fear
Is that dream day
Will never come
Where the burden
Burning my brain
Will not go away,
Banishing me from
Sanity and
The sanctity of a
Peaceful existence;
Enjoying, rather
Than resenting
The act of breathing
And the art of being.
That dream day that
Comes with the
Tomorrow holds the
Hope that, as I wander
A little farther along,
The sharpness will dull
And I can get on
With my daily days
Visiting my dreams

-Dakin 10/31/14


I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide
– Imagine Dragons “Demons”

You know, everybody dies. My parents died. Your father died. Everybody dies. I’m going to die too. So will you. The thing is, to have a life before we die. It can be a real adventure having a life.
– John Irving “The World According to Garp”


Was it exhausting being the center,
The bright lit figure, fawning over
The collective need to be amused
Dulling the thrum of our drab existence?

Are you not entertained!

Isn’t that why we are here?

Your genius that should so gently
Have been treated, unceremoniously
Sundered from this state of being
We all take for granted, though far
Too often taken for granted are we.
Is that last the thought that last visited you?

Could a phone call have stayed the hands
That held the decision in their grip?
The rampant speculation, unseemly among
Those of us who knew only the image
On the screen, desperately destructive
Among those who actually did know the you.
Why do we need to know? Do we need to know?

I heard a story once, from the internet,
So it must be true. A person who always
Smiled at those he passed on his way to… well
Wherever his way was taking him. A smile.
And a wave. To complete strangers.
After being together a few months,
His significant other asked him why.
The answer so perfectly framed like
Something from one of those too perfect
Romantic comedies (not the smart scripted
Ones, mind you, but the dollar a dozen kind):
The notes they inevitably find afterwards; the
Notes always say if someone, anyone, had
Just smiled and waved, acknowledged me,
Then perhaps I would have known that I am
Not alone.
(So, yes, it’s apocryphal, but still…).

Maybe I could have been, for you, that smile and wave.
Or better yet, maybe I could have bumped into you
At the local Tim’s. Oh, sorry, rather the local
Starbucks (apologies for my East Coast bias)
And my lightning wit (go with it now)
Could have said something brilliant, topical,
And genuinely funny (Go with it, indeed).

And maybe I could have made you laugh instead
Of you making all of us laugh time after what
Must have seemed interminable time, or
At the very least, made you smile for
Those few seconds until that
Compulsion passed away,
Rather than you.

-Dakin 8/12/14


You’re my downfall
You’re my muse
My worst distraction
My rhythm and blues
I can’t stop singing
It’s ringing
In my head
For you
-John Legend “All of Me”


I could never put into words
How much I appreciate that first
Smile you shone on me when I
Emerged from that seat of
That car in that parking lot
On that afternoon in that
Time and place, seared into
My mind like the marks on this
Meal we share, evidence of the
Cast iron that we sweat over
Together, cooking in the heat
And humidity because
“That is what we do;”
Sharing the tasks of life (and
How to live it). I could never
Put into words the relief that I
Feel when I look to my left
Or to my right and
See you there working with
Me to accomplish the Mundane
And the Magical; the burdens
Of cleaning, straightening, washing,
Repairing, organizing, repeating;
The joys of singing, laughing,
Dancing to the ever changing tune,
Playing (even when we lose
We’re winning); finding
Together the perfect in the
Minutiae of imperfection
That is the consequence of
Merely being. And, I could
Never put into words the awe I
Experience when I feel the
Unexpected caress of your hand on
My hand, my arm, my shoulder,
My neck, my back, my head,
Waking my mind to the
Wonder of we, when the moment
Before I was lost in that way that I
Get when I focus so deeply
On that one piece of trivia that,
For whatever reason, had captured
My undivided attention. Researching
Depths of immateriality simply for the
Sake of study, hopefully enriching the
Conversation that inevitably follows,
Even when that conversation is slightly
Delayed for other exploration and
Excitement in each other.
I could never put into words the
Gratitude that grows in me
Each time Your eyes, Your smile,
Your scent, Your words, Your walk,
Your laugh, Your indignant outrage at
The unfairness of every enduring injustice,
Your You, fills that frame of my focus
Reminding me again of the
Incredible privilege given to me in
That awesome reality of you being You.

I could never put into words
Adequate to express the amount
Of adoration you instill in me,
But I will spend a lifetime trying.

-Dakin 7/11/14

Life on the Edge

Baby you’re the only one
That’s ever known how
To make me want to live
Like I want to live.
-Tom Petty “The Waiting”

There ain’t no reason
You and me should be alone
Tonight, yeah, baby
Tonight, yeah, baby
-Lady GaGa “The Edge of Glory”

Life on the Edge

The circus of circumstance
That sets its canopy over
All our best laid plans
Tries our perseverance in the
Face of overwhelming adversity,
Some wholly manufactured by
Our own misplaced efforts,
Some a matter of the
Natural course of living “life,”
And some so completely imagined
As to not matter whether the
Source be actual or artificial.
Yet the show goes on,
As it must. My ring here,
Yours over there, a world
Between us littered by those
On the balance beam between
The here and the now,
Barkers shouting the requisite
Mantra: “Papers please.”
No, truly, I have nothing
To declare; not yesterday,
Nor today. Tomorrow maybe.
A lunch pail and a change of
Clothing perhaps, but no citrus.
Dear gods, not the citrus (You
Can keep those damn fruit flies
Where they belong, in their
Newly imported home, we
Certainly don’t want them back;
An absurdity of Ionesco proportions!).
Bordering our dreams of normalcy
In this theatre of life
Out on the edge (of Glory)
Defined by arcane rules of
Internationalism crafted by those
That had no ability to conceive
Of the modern conveniences
Of a contemporary life, never
Baptized in social constructionism,
Concerned only with a home
And a native land; oh say,
Can you see?
Yet, it is those very same realities,
These digital demons, that
Possess our souls’ attention at every
Turn (for better or worse) of every
Tick of time that make for us
The impossible, possible.
Communing together as frequently
As we do when the barrier of distance
Is no more than a step or two
From my couch to your loveseat.
A momentary dalliance from our
Daily duties, typing the latest link
That made us smile in the course
Of what is always another workday,
Just passing the time until the time
Passes me back to you. Time that
Passes as I choose to pass it,
With work, and a hobby turned to work,
To bring the joy to the absence
That means another day away
From having another moment
With you. Truly, as they say,
The waiting is the hardest part
And so we make due by making
The waiting disappear in a flurry
Of fancy – acrobats and clowns,
Lions, tigers and bears, oh my. Or
Oh my! (As Takei would say).
And this, the reality that the
Fates have visited on our still
Framed forms for today and
Tomorrow, and, perhaps for
Just a little bit longer.
We’ve given up four hours
For the sake of two
And another day together
In the regular course of
Cares. And, gained a greater
Appreciation for the magic
That lives within the world we
Are weaving together under
This big top of fanciful dreams
Now turned our reality
(Strike up the band);
Hanging on our moment of
Truth, out on the Edge
With you.

-Dakin 6/20/14


In a world full of people
Only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy
-Seal “Crazy”


And so the circle spins
Ever devouring its own,
Point by plotted point,
An allegory of renewal
Resurrecting the past in
Birthing the future.
Illusion of the infinite,
World without end
So far as our conscious
Thought can comprehend.
Or, perhaps, such is the conceit
That helps us rise from bed,
For what profit is there in
Perpetual pessimism,
Harbinger of impending doom
Belied by the bright burning sun
Shimmering in the summer sky
Hanging high above our heads.
Oh, my, starry-eyed surprise.

And so we also spin
Here on our home apart from
The heavens to which we
Constantly strive, eyes
On the prize, forward looking,
Full steam ahead.
Intentionally unaware
Of the blinders screening off
The periphery holding
A lifetime of unique experiences
Until the thrill of exploration
Exploits our emotions in a split
Second of momentary madness,
Letting us lose our passive
Selves on the promise
Of a newer today;
The fruition of a youthful dream
Spun in circles under a bright blue sky.
Come on, the fun has just begun.

And so on this floor I spin,
My hand extended to you,
Open invitation to a shared event
Beckoning to your heart, mind,
Body and soul; nothing less
Than the best, the rest of
All of you, here with me.
Two, together, encircled
By seven billion more
Exploring the periphery
In this evolving choreography
Sipping on the sanctity of our senses,
Overcome with the realization that,
Though an end may be inevitable,
There is no need to hasten
The conclusion knowing we’ll never
Truly survive unless we travel together.
May I have this dance?
Dance all night to this DJ…

-Dakin 6/6/14


Oh look at the world we make
What have we begun
People living for what they take
All for number one
Changes making me see the light
I finally see wrong from right
Now that its all said and done

-Boston “I Think I Like It”


The sun setting red
Against a bluing sky
The warmth of a day
Long in coming
Banishing the cold
For good (the dream),
Or at least for a season.
But the warmth comes
With a price paid
In a century of industry
And innovation;
Progress propounded
On the populace.
And yet there it is,
Progress –
Allowing me to sit and
Write this to you
To be delivered in the
Moment of its very completion
From my fingertips to
Your retinas reading the
Static glowing screen
Of your open window.
Sitting here ever
Trying to reconcile the
Contradictions that crowd
My deepest convictions.
Oh do I have my concerns,
My fears and my issues.
I rail at the injustice
And rage at the intolerance.
I sob at the insanity
Of a world worn down
From the irrational reach
Of trying to attain all
Before that one final
Breath is achieved
Only to lose it then at that
Inevitable ending.
And for what?
A few trinkets?
And the insane illusion
Of control?
But I have a hope
And it is found in those
That follow
The path from one chosen
Generation to the next.
No, there is nothing
New under the sun,
And yet the future always
Holds such promise.
I cannot let go of the thought
That throughout history
The aged inevitably lament
The transient youth,
The insubordinate and insolent,
Those that would not follow
Their fathers’ ordered steps,
At least not in the manner in
Which they had hoped,
Those that throw away
Tradition and the establishment
To burn their own ways home.
And yet we not only survive,
We thrive.
I proudly pass my wisdom on,
Such as it is,
To be tossed aside
If so they choose,
For they will find their own Voice.
And I,
I shall simply smile.
Somehow life finds a way.
The thousand tomorrows
Filled with the Possible.

-Dakin 5/7/14

Let Go

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying “Hey Oh!”
Gotta let go
I wanna celebrate and live my life
Saying “Hey Oh!”
Baby let’s go!
-Taio Cruz

Let Go

I gave my life
My word
My strife
Sought the way
The Life
So far away
Sung the same
Since the rain
I knew
Did you
Once know
The way
When there was a
From here
Sought from there
Never to hear
Never ashamed
Simply standing
Simple to say
I am known
To weigh
The life
Once lived
Given away
Now found
Further ahead
Farther away
At once the same
Never today
Is there a way
To be the same
Given away
All that remains
Leaving behind
Love and the day
With my arms raised
Certain of rain
Given the chance
Not to return
Certain of here
Knowing the
Wandering ever
Never to stray
I am alive
And I can say
That we are here
And this is today
I give it to you
To celebrate
The sun and the rain
Always the same

-Dakin 3/26/14

Truth and Reconciliation

For never two such kingdoms did contend
Without much fall of blood; whose guiltless drops
Are every one a woe, a sore complaint
‘Gainst him whose wrong gives edge unto the swords
That make such waste in brief mortality.
-William Shakespeare, Henry V, I.ii.27-31

Dreams, so they say,
Are for the fools
And they let ’em drift away.
Peace, like the silent dove,
Should be flyin’
But it’s only just begun
-Seals and Crofts

Truth and Reconciliation

The world celebrates.
The world falls apart.
One oval occupied for another hour;
One square occupied for another day.
One eye observing the contest for
Bragging rights between
Stars, stripes and maple leafs,
The other fixated on the struggle
To fashion a tomorrow different
From the today.
That good which I would do,
Do I not do it?

I cannot help but look,
Like those drivers I curse
On the evening commute
Turning to observe, unnecessarily,
The pain of others
When I just want to get home.
The information age blesses us
With the immediacy of
Images and sounds and words
Infotaining us into the
Numbness of detached
Observation, oblivious
To the reality of those
Steeped in the intimacy
Of the evolving event.
The chaos of the next
Clash captured by the
Admired cinematography.
A Pulitzer, perhaps,
Serving the greater good;
Getting the story out.
We are a world of geopolitical
Schizophrenia, reckless
In our insatiable appetites,
Hungering for each new daily
Dish, quite blissfully ignorant
Of the true importance parading
Before us. Yet, it is not simply
Salaciousness that drives
Our quest to embrace each
New detail; not only our prurient
Need to learn life’s latest
Lessons in the frailty of what
We may have and the finality
Of what is to come for all.
No, there is also a deep
Demonstration of empathy
At play, even in our passive
Reception of the worst of all
We witness, a desire to comprehend
Our own circumstances, vicariously
Experimenting with wanting to
Challenge the chains that bind us
As well. And yet we remain effectively
Paralyzed pointing up at peaks
Too high to scale. And so once again
We check the score, one – nil.

“Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down,
darkness be over me, my rest a stone;
yet in my dreams I’d be…”


Breaking It Down

I exist within this moment,
This piece of Paradise that
Makes its portion a permanent
Part of my personality.
They tell us now that this
World, this galaxy, this universe,
Is the projection of holographic
Essence, part of an unimaginable
Indefinable other. Parallel universe
Indeed! A floating collage of
Photons made real in
Protons, electrons, neutrons.
A microscopically beautiful
Ballet perfected in balance,
Reflected in all the talents
We share on a daily basis
Each with the other, pulling
Together to make our way
From every yesterday to every
Today. Tomorrow I will wake
Again to make a choice of
How shall I live for today? Perhaps
For tomorrow, learning from my
Years of yesterdays. A string of
Lessons learned leaving me free,
Yet chained to this self-same
History. A cornucopia of
Matter and pure energy;
Dancing in the dawn dew,
Reminding me that this image
Is our reality irrespective of the
Source. The reality with which
My every faculty is assaulted,
Broken down in every detail
Minute by minute, moment by
Wonderful moment; I see,
Touch, smell, and taste the
Truth of my perceptions.
I want to know what you
Are thinking about, to share
The commonality of life,
The diversity of experience.
So here are my dreams.
And here are my eyes,
My vision.
A world wanting not for
Borders, the desire for Peace
Bridging all our multiplicity
That we call living.
I live within an unreality
Unrestrained by legal
Jurisdiction, yet that is a
Fiction as the reality is that I
Have obtained permission.
But the idea is pure, the image
Beautiful, traversing the transition,
One banner to another meaning
Nothing more than a single stop
On the highway where I greet my
Would-be confessor of the day,
Their uniforms virtually identical,
Their questions exactly the same,
Day after glorious day.
A continuity that belies the signs
That serve to tell me I have left
One side of an invisible line
To suddenly appear on the other,
Though the grass be the same green,
The water the same wet,
The rocks and dirt the same Earth.
A nexus of nature.
So those, my schemes,
These, my plans:
Be it here, there or
Anywhere, I always strive to
Serve. To satisfy the curiosity of
A child learning to live, the
Inquiry of a lifelong friend in
Need of assurance or
Assistance, the charge of
A relative requesting immediate
Attention, the demand of a
Professional colleague lost
In the minutia of madness
That so often pervades the office,
The sadness of a stranger the source
Of which I may never know,
Although the effect of which
I know only too well.
No revolution, just an
Acknowledgment that maybe
There is another way.
How revolutionary.
My hope is that maybe I can show
Someone, somewhere, something
New about themselves and
Their own inner song.
My reality really is that it
Certainly is better to give
Than receive, the reward
Awaiting me with the offered
Helping hand greater than that
Of the gift unrequested.
Truly I know where my
Treasure is stored.

-Dakin 1/17/14

“When it’s all mixed up
Better break it down
In the world of secrets
In the world of sound”

-Tears for Fears

Finding Time for Peace

I’ve looked in the mirror and the world’s getting clearer
I’ll take what you give me; please know that I’m learning
So wait for me this time.

-Chantal Kreviazuk

Finding Time for Peace

Like the delicate petal dressed in dew
Dripping water to a welcoming pool
Below, I shed the stress of never
Having enough time. Time to overcome
My self-imposed inertia; time to Love,
And to Laugh, and to Live some more.
Time, now, to turn away from the present
Pace of sustaining a societal dream
That really never was mine anyway.
I have made the choice, and in making
My choice I have discovered a piece
Of the picture, the unanswered riddle
That hounds all our steps from the
Moment of our first breaths.
Time to appreciate the input of others
Who take the time to talk and to listen
And to share with me the journey,
Ever watchful of their own stumbling
Steps as I share with them mine, in kind.
I am overcome with the encouraging
Smiles that greet my latest tales
Of trials, tribulations, and, yes,
Triumphs. To commune with those
Who appreciate the effort, who feel
That same longing to live this life
By a different set of rules than
Those dictated by economy and
Advantage. Aware of the heart and
The soul; teaching, as it were,
The world to sing (in perfect harmony),
Alive in the dance of dreams,
Yet grounded in each other, each
Calling to the other to help in
Finding the balance so necessary
To keeping the board from tilting
Too far one way or the other.
There may not be perfection, but
There is perception, the feel of a
Solid foundation under our feet,
The blessing of belonging one
With another, the wholeness of
Coming home (where the heart is).
Time to look above and to be not
Intimidated by the awesome size of
This universe, but honored by the
Sheer happenstance of being part and
Parcel of the here and now. For we
Are alive and in living we can dream.
Slowly. Sweetly. Simply. Serenity.
I have made the choice, and in making
My choice, I have discovered Peace.

-Dakin 12/24/13


And now I wonder
If I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time would pass us by?
-Vanessa Carlton

Turn it inside out so I can see
The part of you that’s drifting over me.
-Michelle Branch


It falls, not unexpected, but unfortunate
In amount. And, in timing.
No, not unexpected here
Where the White so fearfully
And wonderfully, regularly
Imposes its will on the world.
Yet, there is the comfort that
‘Though I be not at the finish line,
I am miles from the start.
Click upon click, foot by foot.
These metered steps, measuring my pace
(Slow and steady wins the race).
The White turning homebound
Into homebound, a reflection of the
Antonym contained within.

If I could just see you,
Tonight, maybe; tomorrow, certainly.
Until that time, I will fall into this sky
Of White mixed with gray and
Let the hours pass away
Like the faces that crowd me in their
Holiday shopping travails as I
Am too distracted by fate and fortune
Furnishing my future… No, my
Present. In reality, a gift of here
And now. And my gift to you.
Because you know what
I would do, the walk I would make.
My sun and my moon and
My stars up above.

The time will come when
The White will wash; melt away
In browns and blacks, tinged with greys.
An annual rebirth springing alive
With the colourful beckoning that
Reminds me that you are everywhere
To me. I am not alone.
But for now the White drifts in
Front of me. I’ll just close my eyes
To see what I can see.
The vision of another season
Waiting within reach.
My universe,
My everything,
And more.

-Dakin 12/17/13


You may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one
-John Lennon

You may ask yourself, “Am I right; am I wrong?”
You may say to yourself, “My God, what have I done?”
-Talking Heads



Once again
It never ends.
As before,
Same as it ever

How to recapture that
Youthful knowledge
That this earth is beautiful,
But that beauty has been taken
From us all
In misguided attempts to
Control the uncontrollable?

We need to get beyond
The thought of self as
A single entity
When, with every quantum
Of our being,
We realize the truth of the whole.

There is no me versus you,
Us against them;
Wandering alone wondering when.

There is.
There simply is.
And that is more than enough.
Is an abundance.


In the ever darkening
Early morning of a yesterday
Long forgotten,
I had a dream
Of a future found in paradise.

For what else could come from
The natural progression
Of Science and Reason
Conquering all the minutiae
To bring an equal measure
Of Equality to all?

We had triumphed
Over racism, sexism, nihilism
Sectarianism, egalitarianism;
Or is that what we were fostering?
Remind me once again.

When the eagle flies
Truth and Justice cannot
Be far behind.


We stand again at a door
That looks so very familiar
In form, the latch broken
Like so many tumblers on
A locksmith’s shelf
Inviting us to take the handle
And let ourselves in.

In another world
It might be called trespassing,
But we have moved beyond
Such troublesome terms
With the unquestioned certainty
That our cause is just,
A foregone conclusion
That rights no wrong.

Please pause a moment
And consider the still small voice
With which I still, at times, sing
To a perhaps imagined audience.

Think on this thought that
Though a cause may be just,
The response may not be so clear cut,
And that the love that surpasses
All human understanding dictates
A different path of
Compassion and caring
For all.

Take the bolder road, if you dare,
And render love to your world.

Truly, truly I say to you now
Ash is what fools reap, war what they sow.
A man profits not, he who loses his soul.

-Dakin 9/1/13

Dead of Night

Chasing shadows across stolen time
Trying to recall to where those years vanished.
Dragged into despair by the cost of
Caring too much, too long. Too short
This life. Oh, indeed, were we so young
(One for all and all for one),
Letting life linger with only the occasional
List gently carrying us along the way
(Just as sure as this river’s gonna run).

When did tomorrow happen? Taking the
Us from us, each to claim our own
Single stake across stranger ocean tides
Than ever we could have imagined.
Traversing new waves that, at times,
Washed over our craft, rising higher than
Our minds could fathom, thrown up
In the recurring perfect storms that
Made us feel small and alone, away;
Making us cry out to what we believe
To be an unlistening world, deaf to
The destruction happening around us all.
The words wrought with the reality that
Emotions are not individual entities,
Entreating the ghosts of some yesterday
to Please Lend Us An Ear! To give us
Sunshine and calm; respite found in
The eyes of too many hurricanes,
Each one as unlikely as the last.

But find now in this simple note
That such solitude is pure illusion,
And, as ever, even if I am having a
Little trouble (again with myself) that
Still I am here, through all those
Years and miles between us.
…’Til kingdom come.

-Dakin 12/9/11


Haven’t I seen you before
Around here, where I try
To define the latest forest
In front of my eyes. What I
Want is to have before me
A guide, a relief map of
Sorts, that I can place
My hands upon telling my
Touch what twists and turns
Lie ahead on each unchosen
Path. The frozen fear of
Uncertainty is really just
A feigned fog of our own
Making; the songs of sirens
Leading us astray nothing
More than the grumbles of
Our unsettled stomachs made
By the meals we ate too close
To sleep, causing the crowded
Calamity of our own imagined
Dreams to turn into nightmares.
But what it all comes to
Is that it is only a single
Decision that need be made
Here and now, the rest to wait
Their turn, arriving in
Their own natural time
And place, even if that time
Is merely seconds away.
Realistically, the point
Remains that I can make
This one decision hovering
Before me now, taking that
Plunge into the unmeasured
Depths. It truly is not
That difficult, for I have
Walked on similar trails before,
Swum in similar pools prior.
After all, I have always
Suspected that the light
Serves only to enhance the
Illusion, that I actually can
See better in the dark.



It can happen in each and every
Moment, waking to wisdom,
Satiating our hunger for truth
And compassion. Changing our
Course of destructive pride to
A term of peace everlasting.
Never wanting more than we
Have been given, no longer
Coveting our neighbor’s trove, but
Satisfied now in this endless
Moment. For in the moment we
Find our eternal favorite, we
Are made whole, one together,
Forever in infinite moments.
That single moment that spawns
An endless series, living from minute
To minute, climbing the mountain of
Moments confronting us; soaking in
The sea of those moments comforting us.
In a moment, we really can change.

Life is a litter of moments, birthed of
Our first breaths, an unavoidable calamity
Thrust upon us by time ticking away,
Taking us to that one wonderful
Moment when the chaos clears
And you are there at my side
Marking with me all those new
Moments to come.

Dakin 11/9/10


Somewhere there, where
Sits a lost and lonely soul,
Something stirs and sends
A comfort sewn from the threads of
Unconditional acceptance and desire
Warming the worn and weathered
Heart. Hope does often spring
Eternal; entreats with us to engage,
To entertain our lost fanatsies
Understanding that they may,
Indeed, come true if we hold
Fast to the who of who we are.
Who am I? I am you, and
Billions more like us, striving
To survive, sustaining the dream.
My dream comes tomorrow and
Tomorrow does my dream come
To me. Today is a shadow to
Be swallowed by the setting
Sun which, when rising on
The morrow brings our rebirth.
Walk a mile in my shoes? No,
Rather walk a million miles more
With me by my side, a co-op
Journey through this life.



Static in anticipation
Like a spark suspended
In air awaiting the fuel
For which it was meant to
Flame. Electric like
A current cruising across
Power lines seeking purpose
To feed those everyday
Comforts on which we all
Rely. Undulating waves
Of light or sound relaying
A rush of information meant
To gorge our senses and
Satiate our longing to live.
Existing within and without,
A screen full of words, noises
And portraits, pictures of an
Ever changing environment
Lording over us its will to direct
Our longings by confusing
Our understandings, leading us
Astray from our selves, control
Ceded to the collective. A cost
Too burdensome to bear.
But hope resides in this humble
Heart that ponders themes too
Deep to plumb, taking me far
To wherever you are. In time.

-Dakin 3/12/10

Something Good

The stillness of the morning
Caresses me, lulls me into a
Trance, taking me away to
My own lost planet, left for
Millennia to mine my own
Shadow. Serenity, come to me.
There is no need to meditate,
Or contemplate, or engage
In any such self-reflection,
For it is enough to be there
In the here and the now,
Apart from the present
Calamity, sowing the seeds
Of simplicity. Wishing that
The snow globe of life
Would stop its shaking so
That we may settle in this
Scene sitting in the silence
Of a fresh start brought to
Us by the gold of the sun
Breaking over the far horizon.
Reveling in the renewal
Raining down through the
Justice and mercy of friends
And family, allowing us to
Truly be who we are, without
The burden of a rushed
Judgment or an unwarranted
Sentence. Free to be you
And me, each in our own
Newly discovered world,
Separated in this universe
But never alone on our
Lost planet waiting for
Our civilizations to find
The means of traveling
Among the stars to make
Even more new discoveries.
And in the anticipation, this
One thought reverberates,
I just know that something
Good is going to happen.

-Dakin 10/16/09


Tear down this wall that
Separates us from our
Neighbors, keeping us silently
Entrenched in our own known
Universe, forever imprisoned
In a false xenophobic pride.
Can you not see that the two
Eyes that look over the horizon
Are of the same soul as your
Own? I do not claim
That there is no perversion
Of purity, that there is
No evil in the darkest
Desperations, but I recognize
It for an aberration that
Fuels the fire of wanton
Destruction and understand
That it belongs to a small
Segment of renegade reactionaries.
A much larger sea shelters
Our shared village earth,
Collecting us in the coral,
Currents seeking to drive us
Together in the tumult.
Do not confuse the simple
Misunderstanding for
Something more sinister. The hate
Will out of its own accord
And no rational relation, a
Mere six degrees away,
Will revel in such repression,
But will respond with revulsion.
It is time to return to respect.

-Dakin 10/2/09

Set Adrift

On this cold summer morning,
As I sit and stare at nothing,
Thinking of life’s lasting journey
Taking me to islands far
From the shores of peaceful comfort
To where the wild things now are,
Cruelly tempted by past visions
That time and space have warped;
Lost in memories forgotten,
A list of names without a face.
And as dark clouds roll above me,
As my stomach churns and knots,
I discharge my introspection
To release from me my fear.
For it is choice that I have chosen;
It is age behind my years,
An oasis in the desert
That slakes this thirst that harbors me.
So if now I do feel a hunger,
I can satisfy that need,
Though I’ll have to leave this haven
And strike out on my own way soon.
I am prepared to wander
Among the packs of ravenous wolves
Cloud by day, flame by night,
Lead me ever closer now
To that future reconciling
Of my present circumstances.
I am here and I am willing;
I am brave and I will walk
Among the wild things beside me
For it is this that makes me strong.

-Dakin 6/18/08


The sun shines down on
Another perfect day sending
Music to my ears, filling
My soul; a sweet serenade
That entrances my senses,
Eyes closed to a world of
Distraction allowing me to
Meditate on this melody
Leading me over this path;
Ribbons of signature sound
Beckoning to me to sing along.
My stumbling gait evolving
Into the assured quickstep of
Dance. A pivot here just to feel
The freedom of a corner turned,
Rising and falling with the
Crescendo of chorus echoing off
The life and land lined around
My exhibition, a showcase of
Unrehearsed steps, breaking into
A run, stopping for a moment
To kick and to jump freely,
Willing the pulsing beat that
Has so enraptured my focus
To renew its redolent rhythms,
A never ending promenade made
Now to draw us to the ultimate
Communion of celebration.
Come to me now, I beg,
May I have this dance?

-Dakin 9/4/09


Like the watched pot that
Finally boils, the bubbling of
Unrestrained joy rises inside
Making me flush with the heat of
This erupting geyser. A dream
That has no awakening to call
This cinematic spectacle to end,
As a lethargy of contentment
Buries my ability to focus on
Anything of substance but the
Promise that the dawning day
Of tomorrow will bring the hope
Of happiness foreshadowed, pure
Elation of justice finally delivered
Where it is long overdue, the gift
So long desired finally given over
To accepting hands. The sun shall
Rise and, before it has set, the
Wonder and wishing will have
Withdrawn into the new reality
Made of our own choosing.
The challenge to endure and
To persevere has been answered,
Successfully navigating the first leg
Of the long journey on which we
Embarked with wide-eyed innocence
When even that single task, now laid
To rest, seemed so very daunting.
So close now we are there, and the
Anticipation that has labored long
Upon us has been repaid in full
With the smiles of a new serenity.
The shadow disappears, the image
Is made whole in unclouded vision.

-Dakin 8/27/09


Numbers tumble in my
Thoughts, the pen scratches
Another mark across the
Box before me, resigning
The passage of another day
To its burrow, never to be
Visited again. Yet, that
Singular metaphor captured
On the glossy page among
Thirty plus others, a photo
Of stunning natural wonder
Capping them all, pinned
Eye-level on the wall, keeps
For me another layer of
Life images spent in the
Security of life’s company.
Together we conquered the
Alien beast that beset us,
Finishing our fight that we
Had before left for another
Day, which in turn, became
Yesterday. And the peace
That now envelops the
Burning ache that has become,
Of late, too familiar, directs
My focus to another number
Nestled not far from that
Of today. The box for
Which all these others
Stand row upon row,
Leading up in an unbroken
Line to the driven destiny
Of a date long looked for,
Bringing together the sum
Of these past many days,
Making you, for tomorrow
And for all time to come,
My living Memory.

-Dakin 8/14/09


The burden weighing on
My stooped shoulders,
Manages me, measures
My responses to the global
Crises culled from Earth’s
Corners, canned in these
Processed clips my eyes
Scan each morning on
The screen from which I get
My daily dose of the world’s
Dearth and drama, reduced
To digestible portions so that
Once consumed we can all
Go quietly about the rest of
Our better business. The
Truth is, that while the
Suffering of billions of
Souls surrounds our own
Sheltered solitude, we stand
So often rooted in our own
Righteous indignation,
Incensed at the injustice,
Yet unable to respond in
Any more active of manner.
Realizing my limited scope
Of vision, bordering perhaps
On the xenophobic, though
Unintentionally, I crave
For my own part, a more solid
Meal, seeking to see through
The eyes of a host of others
Outside my usual universe
To acquire a more perfect
Understanding of this
Life and how to live it.

-Dakin 8/7/09